Marina Carr’s By the Bog of Cats at the Abbey Theatre

Selina Cartmell directs an electrifying production of Marina Carr’s – literally fabulous – By the Bog of Cats at the Abbey.  We went to a preview but the play had already settled, there was nothing preview-like about it. The performances were faultless.  Cartmell and her cast found more humour – however sly or bleak – in the text than I’ve ever found when reading it, and god knows we needed the humour when it came along. But it didn’t come cheap or easy, tragedy and dramatic tension are never far away. The conflict escalates at bewildering speed. Susan Lynch terrifies, as Hester – I can still hear that spine-chilling howl when the inevitable happens.

Get to see this, if you can:  14th August – 12th September, 2015

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