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Paula Meehan Lecture: “Imaginary bonnets with real bees in them”

(Annual lecture of the Ireland Professor of Poetry, Paula Meehan: 26th February 2014) The luck of this, to have been in Theatre M (UCD) on a rainy Wednesday night to hear Paula Meehan speak, one of an intimate crowd of … Continue reading

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Is That The Best You Can Do?

For people who were infuriated by the last post (Is Writing Work?) – those of you left wondering Yes, yes, but … how do you do all that? – I’ll be giving a workshop in the Irish Writers’ Centre on … Continue reading

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Is writing work?

Lots of people think writing isn’t real work, that all you have to do is sit at your desk, a page, a screen and allow the words to flow; that the very act of sitting opens a magic hinge with … Continue reading

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Cross a new (short story) threshold

Here’s something a little different, as competitions go: THRESHOLDS, the short story forum, has opened its third feature writing competition.   Features with a focus on short stories, that is. How many of us love to read, write and talk about … Continue reading

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On disfigurement

Seven years ago I had life-saving facial surgery which changed my appearance – not for the better, in case you’re wondering. But the key-word there is ‘life-saving’. If I hadn’t had that operation I’d be dead. At a recent training … Continue reading

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