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Link to Catherine Dunne’s interview about the Arlen Classic Literature Series edition of Another Alice

(We have exchanged interviews because Catherine’s second novel, A Name for Himself, is also part of the Arlen Classic Literature series. Other titles include Marian Thérèse Keyes (Ed) A Life of No Light Toil:An Anna Maria Hall Reader; Carmen Cavanagh … Continue reading

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Interview with Catherine Dunne (3rd May 2022)

This interview marks the publication of a new edition of Catherine Dunne’s second novel, A Name for Himself (first published in 1998) as part of the Arlen Classic Literature series. The new edition features a Foreword by Mia Gallagher. Because … Continue reading

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Interview: Marian Therèse Keyes on Anna Maria Hall (1800-1881)

This interview marks the publication of A Life of No Light Toil: The Anna Maria Fielding Hall Reader Edited and Introduced by Marian Thérèse Keyes, one of the 2022 Arlen Classic Literature Series. Is this your first book, Marian? This … Continue reading

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Read for Ukraine

At a recent “Dialogues on War” event organised by PEN International, in a conversation between Andreiy Kurkov and Philippe Sands, Kurkov was asked what people could do to support Ukrainian writers. “Read their books”, was his reply. Sands’ own brilliant … Continue reading

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The Flowering

Look! It’s a Woman Writer!: Irish Literary Feminisms 1970-2020, edited by Éilís Ní Dhuibhne and published by Arlen House is an anthology of essays by 21 Irish women writers who were born in the 1950s. Ní Dhuibhne gave contributors (full … Continue reading

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New Theatre New Writing Development Week

The New Theatre are running their New Writing Development Week again. The event, a series of performed readings on the New Theatre stage, will take place in November or December 2021, actual dates tbc. This opportunity is open to writers … Continue reading

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Brexit Diary

We were in London 2018-2019 for much of the drama surrounding the Brexit debate. The good people at EFACIS (Thank you Hedwig Schwall, Anne Fogarty, Joachim Fischer) have published these extracts from a diary I kept at that time:

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The documentary Seaspiracy is harrowing to watch but you must watch it. Everyone on the planet should see it, urgently, because one of its major impacts is to break the news of how far advanced we are in our reckless … Continue reading

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Letters With Wings: When Art Meets Activism (Imagine! Belfast Festival)

This event, organised by Letters With Wings, was dedicated to the women artists Chimengul Awut (award-winning Uyghur poet) and Nûdem Durak (a folk-musician of Kurdish origin who is a political prisoner in Turkey). Participants included: Lia Mills (Chair of Irish … Continue reading

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School Stuff

I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but: I’m going to a school reunion (on Zoom) tomorrow. I’m surprised by how rattled I am, at the thought of it. And how I’ve been living knee-deep in the past, good and … Continue reading

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