Another Alice

New Edition, Arlen House 2022


Another Alice is the story of a poisoned childhood, a contamination that threatens to spread through generations. Alice is a photographer, struggling to keep her head above water. She has arranged her life like one of her photographs: careful, ordered, stark. The small figure in the foreground is her daughter, Holly. But under the surface, things are not nearly as smooth as Alice likes to think they are. She is haunted by a dream from her childhood that threatens to rise up and engulf her, destroying both Holly and herself. Ultimately she realises that she must enter the dream and learn to navigate its dangerous waters if there is to be any hope of survival for either of them.

Anyone who has ever been a parent…or a child…will recognise the dark heart which beats in this book.

‘It kicked the legs right from under me’ – Roddy Doyle

‘ANOTHER ALICE is an important book, an emotional epic…Structurally accomplished, it is brave, honest and strong and its prose has the explosive density of poetry’ – The Tribune

‘A superb work of fiction…hauntingly, beautifully written…as fine a piece of writing as we will see this year’ – The Irish Times

1 Response to Another Alice

  1. grainnemhaol says:

    I’d like to read this again. Years ago, I felt when I read it that I understood a bit more about how and why some people I know well seem so blocked in their emotions and their view of their life. I think nobody really sees what’s happening to us, when we are working on old templates of thought, because the fixed ways of interpreting the world are so hard to shift.

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