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“No Worst There Is None”: Gerard Manley Hopkins @ the Dublin Writers’ Festival 2013

In 1884, the Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889) became Professor of Classics at what was then the brand-new University College, Dublin. UCD was then in transition from the old Catholic University.  Its management had been passed to the Jesuits, … Continue reading

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Hear No Evil?

Is this who we are, now?  On Wednesday, a horse was found dead in Darndale Park.  The horse had been tortured, disembowelled, its ears and anus gone.  A reward has been offered for information. Did no one hear anything? That … Continue reading

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An egg is not a bird. A seed is not a tree.

One of many things that enrage me about what passes for rational debate about abortion in Ireland is the way language is being corrupted and debased – mostly, I’d argue, on the anti-choice side. Politicians, bishops, academics and lawyers – … Continue reading

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Every Child a Wanted Child

(Here’s the full version of a piece published in the Comment section of the Independent last Saturday 04/05/13. It’s a personal contribution to the current conversation about abortion legislation in Ireland.) Every Child a Wanted Child When I was 17 … Continue reading

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