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Who owns your work? (Thought for the Day)

Here’s something I’ve wondered about in an idle sort of way, suddenly made real; it’s seriously scary stuff: Who controls our online content and where/how it’s stored? Look what happened to Dennis Cooper, who had 14 years’ worth of blogs and … Continue reading

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People always want to know what writers have influenced you. Who’s your favourite author? they ask. What’s your favourite novel? I find these questions impossible to answer, for reasons that might well bear discussion some other time. Last week, at … Continue reading

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PIECES OF MIND (Two Days in May 2016 at Farmleigh House): AN INVITATION

What’s on your mind, as we move on from the centenary month of April? May is my last month as writer-in-residence at Farmleigh.  I’m asking people to come out to the Boathouse café and give me a piece of their … Continue reading

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Being Misunderstood (Guest Post by Daniel Seery)

This is a new feature to this blog. I know, I know, everyone else has been doing it forever – but I’m a slow learner. Now and then I’ll invite other writers to use this space  for short essays.  My first guest is … Continue reading

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Why are there so many Irish writers?

This light comment on Irishry and writing (and language and weather) was broadcast on Arena last night. Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone! Why are there so many Irish Writers? It’s a popular question in interviews and at festivals. Theories range … Continue reading

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On Literary ‘Success’

Coming up to the end of 2014 I came across a flurry of articles and postings about literary ‘success’, as in: how to pursue it/get it/be it/extend it/prolong it/exploit it. It got me thinking about what ‘literary success’ actually means. … Continue reading

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Is there a book that changed your life?

On Saturday, I was at a ‘Literary Lunch’ in the Royal St George Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire ( This was an event organized by Vanessa O’Loughlin from and Sarah Webb, in association with Dubray Books. Several other writers were there, … Continue reading

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