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Manderley, again: On re-reading Rebecca, 80 years after publication

(Dublin Review of Books essay, May 2018) In an essay entitled “Romantic Love”, Daphne du Maurier wrote: There is no such thing as romantic love. This is a statement of fact and I defy all those who hold a contrary … Continue reading

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Review of Marilynne Robinson’s Lila

Here’s a link to my review of Lila, Marilynne Robinson’s most recent novel, in the new issue of the Dublin Review of Books:  http://www.drb.ie/essays/world-without-end  

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Review Essay (Dublin Review of Books)

How to be both, Ali Smith, Hamish Hamilton, 372pp, €14.99, ISBN: 978-0241146828 Reading Ali Smith can be a bit like jumping onto a moving train: it might take a page or two to find your feet. Her savvy, smart characters … Continue reading

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Hidden Irelands (an interview with Celia de Fréine in the Dublin Review of Books)

This is the text of a recent essay based on an interview with the poet and playwright Celia de Fréine, published by the Dublin Review of Books at http://www.drb.ie/essays/hidden-irelands HIDDEN IRELANDS (by Lia Mills) Blood Debts, by Celia de Fréine, Scotus … Continue reading

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Can creative writing be taught?  Should it be taught?  

The latest issue of the Dublin Review of Books is online at http://www.drb.ie/ with my review of Imagination in the Classroom: Teaching & Learning Creative Writing in Ireland, a recent collection of essays on the topic edited by Anne Fogarty, … Continue reading

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