Public Art Commissions

Bishop image Loose Horses: Stories from South Dublin (2001) – a percent for art commission for South County Dublin devised and edited by Lia Mills, this featured a mix of commissioned and selected stories set in the SDCC area, published and distributed on radio, in pamphlets, a website, CD’s….

Check out the Loose Horses website here

 You Had To Be There! (2003) – a public art commission for Breaking Ground/Ballymun Regeneration Ltd (BRL). This involved the establishment of two separate community writing groups and a year-long series of creative writing workshops. The book, You Had To Be There!, features a collection of poetry and short stories written by participants throughout the year, compiled and edited by Lia Mills, with fine art work by Alice Maher.

 Wake (2004) – a broadsheet publication for Breaking Ground/BRL to commemorate the demolition of the high-rise buildings in Ballymun. A compilation of fiction and poetry written by the members of the Tall Storeys writing group (previously the Pat Tierney writers’ group) devised, designed, compiled and edited by Lia Mills & Sheena Barret.

 Contributions to Writers Wanted (2006) – “My Life as a Parcel” and “The Eel”. Writers Wanted was devised and edited by Heather Lynch and funded by the University of Aberdeen and the Scottish Arts Council. The project was based on the continuing work of the Ballymun writing group which emerged from You Had To Be There!

Check out the Loose Horses website here  LooseHorses

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