Quote for today

Festival season is here. I was trawling through notes and wishing I could be more organised when I came across this quote from George Orwell, so brilliant I had to post it:

‘Ready-made phrases are the prefabricated strips of words that come crowding in when you do not want to take the trouble to think through what you are saying. They will construct your sentences for you– even think your thoughts for you – and at need they will perform the important service of partially concealing your meaning even from yourself.’

George Orwell

It’s an entire workshop in a single paragraph.

Thanks, Mr Orwell.

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2 Responses to Quote for today

  1. Djinn Gallagher says:

    Brilliant. I finally realized it was time to leave journalism when I began to see the ready-made phrases taking over my brain. Thanks for the reminder, Lia.

    • libranwriter says:

      I’m always shocked by the number of ready-mades I find in early drafts – as if some of the brain cells are on a work-to-rule and haven’t notified me. Good for you, Djinn, for doing something to change the pattern when you saw it. Will we see you this summer?

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