Israel & Gaza: stop. Please stop.

Every now and again I come upon a situation that compels me to silence, being so crucial and sensitive it demands that the right words be spoken in the right way to the right people. Because I don’t know what or who those are, or what right I have to comment, I say nothing.

It seems a small, simple, unobjectionable thing to want to say to everyone discharging weapons in and against both Israel and Gaza: stop. To the Israeli government and to Hamas, equally: please, stop. To the people and governments who finance the distribution of arms and weaponry to both sides, stop. To the people who design and manufacture weapons calculated to destroy life and the fabric and supports of life, stop.

If you were to combine your collective energy, commitment, wealth, and strategic intelligence towards constructive ends, there’s no knowing how much good you might achieve, how many of the world’s problems you might solve. But could you please, first of all, stop?

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