Fly Italian

INKROCI cover-ENG-8LThis morning I found a lovely thing in my Inbox:  the most recent issue of Inkroci, which includes my short story “Flight” in both Italian and English, translated by Anna Anzani (thanks, Anna!)  I can’t put words on how it feels to look at your own words wearing new clothes, looking proud and fine and perfectly at ease with their new circumstances. They certainly don’t need you any more.  

Inkroci is at:

(English version)

(Italian version)

Inkroci is a bilingual (Italian/English) online journal that promotes culture and cinema.  This issue also features work by the group of Irish writers who participated in this year’s Italo-Irish Literature Exchange: Mia Gallagher, Sean Hardie, Afric McGlinchy, Liz McManus, Noel Monahan, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, and William Wall

The editorial, written by Heiko Caimi, provocatively suggests that writers who appear on TV consent to the reduction of books to merchandise  ‘a product to sell to an audience on non-readers’. TV, says Caimi is ‘the medium that supports the most extreme and systematic destruction of language.’ 

There’s your thought for the day.

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