$20,000 for 100 words?

Here’s something interesting. The César Egido Serrano Foundation is dedicated to the use of language to promote connection between cultures and oppose violence. They’ve proclaimed November 23rd the “Day of the Word” and are running a Micro Fiction competition with a whopping big $20,000 prize to mark it. You’ll find details below – but don’t be greedy. Their website is worth a look, so be nice and go there before you think about all the trouble $20,000 might bail you out of. logo Cesar Egido Serrano

(Before anyone gets snippy about the use of ‘bail’ versus ‘bale’ in that sentence, I made an executive decision and went for ‘bail’ in this instance because there’s money involved.)


Here’s a summary:

“The Egido Serrano Caesar Foundation aims to the international diffusion of an idea: “The Word as a link of humanity, and against all forms of violence”. This is an effort in all areas of public opinion, at all levels to ensure that the word becomes only weapon of the resolution of conflicts and differences. The promotion of dialogue and culture between peoples, the opinions or political, religious beliefs…

For the achievement of its objectives the Foundation Cesar Egido Serrano, performs activities financed with their own means, and does not request nor receive subsidies or aid from any public or private institution.”

And this is what they say about the competition:
“$20,000 FOR 100 WORD STORY
The César Egido Serrano Foundation and the Spanish ‘Museum of Words’ have opened their ‘microfiction’ competition, closing date November 23rd 2014. Write a 100 word story you could win a prize of $20,000 – and second prize is $2,000.
Open to international writers, entries can be submitted in English, Spanish, Arabic or Hebrew.
Entries must be sent exclusively by filling in the entry form that can be found on the website www.museodelapalabra.com.
All stories entered must be original, unpublished in all means (paper, electronic publications, network…) and have not been awarded in any other contest. Check out the website for the full details.
As one of the objectives of the organising César Egido Serrano Foundation is the value of the word and dialogue as a tool for uniting peoples, so the slogan of this contest is Mandela: Words and Concord. However the rules state that your story can be on any subject.
A first prize of $20,000 will be awarded to the winning story. The three remaining finalist stories in the remaining language categories will receive a $2000 runner up prize each.”
Click here for the entry form: www.museodelapalabra.com/en/short-tales-contest/4-edition/participation-form

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2 Responses to $20,000 for 100 words?

  1. Do you know how secure the website is for the César Egido Serrano Foundation’s Micro Fiction contest form, they are asking for ID that is not encrypted and they don’t offer any assurance of safety, or privacy.

    Thank you,

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