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Well.  Fallen, my new novel, has finally left the building.  It’s due out from Penguin Ireland in June 2014. Here’s a link to the catalogue listing:

On the subject of links, the online journal Spolia has posted an abridged version of a speech I made to launch Mia Gallagher’s lovely chapbook Quasimodo in the Gutter Bookshop earlier this month:

Did you know that the Gutter Bookshop is coming to a pop-up shop in Dalkey (20 Railway Road) from 30th November? If we support it well enough – who knows – it might even stay.

And finally, the Dalkey Book Festival has come up with a winter programme for Saturday 7th December: If you support it, you have a chance to secure an advance ticket to hear Salman Rushdie in Dalkey on 21st June, 2014


About No Small Talk

We are a group of writers who have come together out of concern for the level of division and increasing hostility that has crept into the rhetoric around Brexit. We want to generate links between writers and artists in both Ireland and Britain to challenge this debasing of language and the perversions of truth which are now regular features of public discourse. Our aim is to restore positive links and connections between us all.
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3 Responses to News & Links

  1. Congratulations on Fallen Lia, looking forward to reading it! B

  2. danielseery says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy in June!

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