Mouth Head and Neck Cancer (Ireland) Awareness Day

I have to break with tradition here and change the subject from writing, just to say thanks to everyone who helped to spread the word about MHNC Awareness Day on Wednesday (29th September).  The response was overwhelming.  Over 3,000 people turned up in the Cork University Dental Hospital and the Dublin Dental School & Hospital to be checked for mouth cancer. Most of those people, plus various passers-by, picked up one of the new MHNC information leaflets (available from the Irish Cancer Society), launched as part of the campaign.  Press, radio and TV coverage was fantastic.

Three people die of MHNC in Ireland every week – more than either skin cancer or cervical cancer – but  it is still relatively unknown.  Early diagnosis makes a huge difference to the severity of treatment and the chances of a successful outcome, so the more people know about it, the better.  If you have a concern about changes in your mouth or voice that persist for more than 3 weeks, don’t put it off: go to your GP or dentist to check it out. This campaign was all about raising the profile of the disease, and it’s been a tremendous success, thanks to all of you who helped spread the word. Anyone who wants more information, go to:


You might know that internet bandits stole my contacts in the lead-up to the day, so please accept this in lieu of a personal message of thanks.

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