Irish Writers’ Centre

The IWC held a meeting for members last night. Jack Harte talked about the progress that has been made in salvaging the Centre over the last year or so, largely due to staggering levels of committment from himself (he didn’t say that, but it’s true), the other board members, and all the young volunteers who keep it open from 10 am-10pm Mon-Thurs and 10am-6pm Fri/Sat.

The IWC is a development agency for Irish writing. Plans for the future include creating and supporting a platform for prose readings both in Dublin and around the country, a great initiative. While the Centre is open to the public, members are entitled to perks such as free internet access and tea and coffee while they use the resource room, not to mention access to one of the best venues for readings and workshops in town.

Membership costs €50 for the year. I know we’re all strapped for cash these days, but the Centre is worth supporting. Why not empty the change jars and invest in its future? It’s really a fantastic resource, and members get to have a say in future initiatives.

In other news:
The first Dalkey Book Festival kicks off on Friday evening and goes on until Sunday night (18th – 20th June). It draws on a considerable pool of local talent (too extensive to fish for individual names – go to their website and see for yourself) and includes readings, performances, walking tours, plenty of discussion and a nostalgic return to Italia ’90. Many of the events are free, and Dalkey is already humming in anticipation:

On Sunday 20th , an evening of readings and music in support of people who have experienced sexual violence in Ireland will be held in the Pepper Canister Church, Mount Street Crescent. The event (Ómós) is being organised by One in Four: cost €25Another good cause, well-worth supporting.
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